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Abbaye Royale
de Fontevraud

If you are ever in Paris, France, escape the hustle and bustle of Parisian city life and transport yourself south through the magnificent Loire Valley past Orleans and Blois to Tours. A short jaunt westward, nestled in woodland lies the sequestered Royal Abbey of Fontvraud (Fontevrault). This peaceful medieval complex houses the sarcophagi of our three protagonists, Henry the Second, Eleanor of Aquitaine and their son Richard the Lionheart, their painted effigies still clinging to the stone surface after so many centuries.

This sublime setting is perfect for a leisurely stroll through chambers, courtyards and orchards before settling down to morsels of French cuisine and fine Chinon wines. An overnight stay is highly recommended for historians, travelers and pilgrims alike.



Not to be missed is the Royal Castle of Chinon; a favourite Plantagenet stronghold.

Royal Castle of Chinon, Chinon, France



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