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The Holy Grail

33 - Last Supper. Jesus shares a cup of wine with the Apostles saying "This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you."

33 - Crucifixion. Joseph of Arimathea collects the blood of the crucified Jesus in a cup.

40 - Joseph of Arimathea arrives in Britain with the Holy Grail, building the 'Lady Chapel' at Glastonbury, England.

62 - Simon/Peter brings the cup of the Last Supper to Rome.

67 - Execution of Simon/Peter in Rome.

70 - Roman army under Titus destroy the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

258 - Cup of the Last Supper (Holy Grail) sent to Huesca, Spain by St Lawrence.

485 - King Arthur fights against the Angles.

493 - Battle of Badon: King Arthur triumphs over the Angles and Saxons.

519 - Battle of Camlann: Death of King Arthur.

717 - Earliest reference to the Holy Grail, by the Breton hermit Helinandus.

924 - Foundation of San Juan de la Pena monastery in Spain.

1076 - The Grail cup comes to San Juan de la Pena.

1099 - First Crusaders conquer Jerusalem.

1100 - King Arthur named King of the Britons in the Chronicle of Mont-Saint-Michel.

1119 - Knights Templar established in Jerusalem.

1130 - The Modena archivolt decorated with an Arthurian scene.

1139 - Geoffrey of Monmouth completes 'Historia Regum Britanniae', putting the King Arthur tradition into writing for the first time.

1148 - Completion of the 'Grail Bearer' fresco at San Climente, Tahull.

1150 - Dietrich of Flanders brings the 'blood of Jesus' to Bruges, Belgium.

1159 - The seal of a Portuguese title deed to the Templars refers to the Grail with the words 'Por tuo Gral'.

1165 - King Arthur is shown in the floor mosaic of Otranto cathedral.

1175 - Cretien de Troyes writes the 'Arthurian Romances' including 'Perceval'.

1190 - Glastonbury monks unearth the bones of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

1191 - Robert de Boron starts writing 'Roman de l'Estoire dou Graal